Seashell, 2015
Chrome steel , Exciter Speaker, Audio Loop, 8:12

Cannelloni Loneliness, 2014
Andreas Kalbermatter, Dominic Michel, Mia Sanchez
Urgent Paradise, Lausanne

Chorus, 2014
Text, vinyl foil

Tanks, 2014
Aluminium, PVC

Ghost Serie, 2014
Inkjet on paper

In our minds we are already a mysterious couple. In our
dreams we meet. In our embodied realities we spend time
and needs together. We do not longer think in terms of
men’s own limited dimensions. But still - how can I feed
you when you are sick, I could never still your appetite.

Finnair Skywheel, 2015
40''screen, surround-sound, 3:10

Quincyland, My Quincyland, 2014

Kunstmuseum Thun (Aeschlimann Corti Stipendium)
two-channel video projection, Exciter Speaker, 17:22

Untitled, 2014
Epoxy resin, Assorted objects

Slim'nd Light, 2014
HD-video, 3:30, stereo sound

Open Door, 2014

with: Sandro Fiechter, Lorenzo Salafia, Karen
Amanda Moser, Nico Müller, Ivan Mitrović

There Is No Need To Look Any Further (I Am The One), 2013

Milieu Galerie / Artspace, Bern
Ausstellung von und mit Julia Bodamer, Simon Fahrni,
Ramon Feller, Andreas Kalbermatter, Veronika Köppel,
Matthias Liechti, Dominic Michel, Mia Sánchez, Nomi Villiger,

Skylounge, 2013
Oslo-Freilager Basel
rock wool, plaster, daylight lamp


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